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Here is a list of some of our actual student projects. However, note that we are also accustomed to tailor the project on the expertise and interests of each student. If you are interested in learning more you can contact the project responsibles or Janos Vörös.

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Bragg Molography

Molography is a new optical biosensing technology that has been developed by a collaboration between Roche and our Group. In this project you will further develop the technology by building a new biosensor. Show details 

Master Thesis – Extrusion of unbreakable cables

At the startup-up company nanoleq from ETH Zurich, we developed a new cable technology providing higher lifetime and mechanical flexibility based on stretchable electronics. Show details 

Molographic immunosignaturing for next generation diagnostics

Early diagnosis is a crucial aspect of effective treatment and prevention of diseases. In this Masterthesis you will combine a new sensing technique called molography with immunosignaturing to create a biosensor capable of early disease detection. Show details 

Master project on biosensor development

Master project on biosensor development Show details 

Isolation and micropatterning of cells

Formation and function of most tissues require the interaction of several cell types. By micropatterning different cells with a controlled interaction, we aim to understand their synergistic interplay to the function of organs such as the heart. Show details 

Biosensor Development Based on Plasmonic Thinfilm Structures

Modern medical diagnostics requires sensitive tests which can be done at home or quickly at the doctor’s office. Those sensors need to be miniaturized, fully integrated and cheap. In this project, you will invent novel sensor structures and prove their sensing concept. Show details 

Development of a Readout Device for Nanoparticle Assays

DNA-nanoparticle assays are promising in low cost cancer detection. However, expensive readout systems are needed for sensitive detection. Here at LBB, we are developing novel readout systems enabling cheap detection and characterization of nanoparticles. Show details 

Assay Development with Gold Nanoparticles

Gold nanoparticles can be employed to detect oligonucleotides like DNA and RNA. Here, you will further develop such an assay from a buffer system towards biological relevant fluids such as cell lysates and serum. Show details 

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