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Electrochemical Surface Patterning and Additive Manufacturing with the FluidFM
Luca Hirt

Patterned Neurons in a Dish: In the Seek of Order
Harald Dermutz

Piezoresistive and Microchanneled Probes Made of SU-8 Polymer
Vincent Martinez


Reinventing Protein Microarrays: Multiplexed Analysis in Clinical Samples
Victoria de Lange

Theory, Development and Validation of a Novel Label-free Waveguide Grating based Biosensor
Florian Kehl

FluidFM: Combining AFM with micro-fluidics for applications in lifesciences and multiparameter surface characterization
Pascal Behr

Plasmonic nanoparticles with tailored attinebility for direct oligonucleotide sensing - Optimization & Application
Prayanka Rajendran

Interfacial electrochemistry of blood coagulation factors: Fundamentals and applications
Benjamin Simona

A Combined Electrical, Plasmonic and Fluidic Measurement System for Metal Nanostructure based Ion Sensing
Bernd Dielacher

Novel thin film nanohole devices for plasmonic sensing applications
Juliane Junesch


FluidFM for Force-Controlled Electrophysiology
Dario Ossola

Surface patterning in liquid environment using the FluidFM technique
Raphael Grüter

Novel Neuroprosthetic Devices for Spinal Cord Stimulation in Paralyzed Animals
Alexandre Larmagnac


Formation of lipid bilayers with high densities of membrane proteins for functional studies
Sophie Demarche

Manipulating cells and colloids with FluidFM
Stefan Pablo Dörig

Advanced capillary-driven microfludic chips for diagnostic applications
Martina Hitzbleck

Engineering Approaches for Studying Myogenesis
Elsa Thomasson


Ions, polyions, and water: Physico-chemical aspects of construction, electrochemical swelling, and dissolution of polyelectrolyte multilayers
Raphael Zahn

Lipids and polyelectrolytes for high-throughput ion channel sensors
Kaori Sugihara

Functional surface coating for electrochemically controlled delivery to living cells
Norma Graf


Thin-film Bulk Acoustic Resonator for Biomolecular Interaction Analysis
Martin Nirschl (pdf)

Engineering mesenchymal stem cell sheets on functional polyelectrolyte multilayer substrates
Oleg Semenov (pdf)

Electrochemically-Addressable Polyelectrolyte Substrates: a Versatile Platform for Cell Sheet Engineering
Orane Guillaume-Gentil (pdf)


Engineering in vitro environments to study cell-cell and cell-matrix interactions
Ana Sala

Cells and Currents
Michael Gabi (pdf)

Multiplexing and Miniaturizing Microarrays for High-Sensitivity Proteomics
Andreas Binkert (pdf)

Nanowires and Ordered Nanosystems for Simultaneous Optical and Electrochemical Sensing
Robert MacKenzie (pdf)

Living Cell Adhesion Measured by Force Spectroscopy
Gilles Weder (pdf)


Optical BioSensing Based on Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance - Experiments & Simulations -
Takumi Sannomiya (pdf)

Smart Sensing with Beads and Vesicles: a Bioassay Toolbox for High-Performance Fluorescent Microarrays
Marta Bally (pdf)

Enzymatic Amplification Schemes towards Electronic Biosensing
Dorothee Niederberger (pdf)


Particle Self-Assembly for the Creation of Biomolecular Patterns
Thomas Blättler (pdf)

Biolithography: A Tool to Manipulate Surfaces for DNA-Assisted Patterning in the Micron- and Nanorange
Brigitte Städler (pdf (156 MB),pdf (7MB))


3D Micro- and Nanostructured Surfaces for Proteomics
Martin Halter (pdf)

Self-Assembly of Functionalized Nanoparticles into Microarrays and Gradients
Christoph Huwiler (pdf)

Electrically Switchable Surface Modification as a Dynamic Platform for Biotechnological Applications
Clarence Tang Chong Shin (pdf)

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