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System Identification and controled neural networks
Sean Weaver (Semester Project)


Surface Immobilization Strategies and Nanoparticle enhanced Immunosandwich Assays measured by Focal Molography; Andreas Hagmann (Master Project)

Stretchable Volume Sensor for the Human Bladder
Johannes Goedejohann, Michael Hagander, Julian Hengsteler, Felix Hoffmann, Josefine Quack, Joy Schuurmans Stekhoven, André Stoll, Jean-Marc Sujata, Camill Trüeb, Hannes Zilly (Focus Project, Group Project, Bachelor Thesis)

Investigation of Pt-coating method on TiO2 nanowires for strain sensor applications
Tomoya Taniguchi (Project work)

μ-brains with living cells: Optimization of Microfabrication and Substrate Preparation
Aron Philipp and David Grand (Semester Thesis)

Soft and porous electrodes for interfacing tissue
Martin Vigneron (Master Thesis)

Engineering neuronal networks in vitro by making use of temporal and spatial neurite growth
Raphael Pilz (Master Thesis)

A novel, simple and ultra stable cell patterning method
Thomas Peter (Master Thesis)

Quantitive analysis of neural cell survival in PDMS microchambers
Gema Vera Gonzalez (Semester Project)

Evaluation of Novel Non-Fouling Polymers with Respect to the Application in State of the Art In Vitro Neuroscience
Stefanie Tanner (Master Project)

Well defined in-vitro neural networks
Nyarki Emil (AMGEN Scholar)

Novel Biosensing Applications and Sensing Techniques with Plasmonic Nanostructures
Thomas Dalgaty (Master Thesis)

Spectrophotometer Analysis and Design Optimization of Dark Field Micro Wells for Gold Nanoparticle Detection
Andrea Gisiger (Semester Thesis)

A novel protocol for cryopreservation of primary neurons
Samantha Russman (AMGEN Project)

From Fresnel zone plates to molography - A numerical framework to simulate diffractometric biosensors
Silvio Bischof (Master Thesis)

MIDAR - Molecular Interaction Detection and Ranging
Yves Blickenstorfer (Master Thesis)

Cellulose-based 3D coculture promoting healthier low-density neuronal cultures
Adriane Joutang (Master Thesis)

Adapter for Multichannel Microfluidic AFM Cantilevers
Haoyang Cui (Bachelor Thesis)

A Plasmonic Sensor with Bumps and Holes in a Gold Thin Film
Masahiro Kawasaki (Project Work)

Automated Activity Analysis of Neuronal Cultures
Conrad Burchert & Moritz Schneider (Semester Thesis)

Integrating Paper-Based Neural Structures with Stretchable Electronics
Aline Renz (Master Thesis)

Development of Spectrometer Analysis for Silicon Darkfiled Micro Array
Andrea Gisiger (Bachelor Thesis)

Reversible Molograms for DNA Sequencing
Xueying Mao (Master Thesis)

Parallel Production of Nanohole Gold Film Sensing Chips
Timo Farei-Campagna (Semester Thesis)

Micro 3D metal printing with the FluidFM: Copper and beyond
Johannes Braun (Master Thesis)

Dark Field Microwell Arrays
Bas-Jan Hoogenberg (Master Thesis)

Handheld Molographic Signal Reader
Marco Sütterlin (Bachelor Thesis)

Novel techniques for patterning neurons
Rebecca Ritter (Internship)


Controllable centrifugation for cell adhesion measurements and rinsing
Gilles De Bruyne (Bachelor Project)

Writing biomolecules with FluidFM
Trang Le (AMGEN Project)

Robust image analysis of label-free neural populations in PDMS microchambers.
Gudrun Einarsdottir (Semester - Health Science intern project)

Handheld Reader For Quantifying Fluorescence Signals
Michael Doderer, Patrick Habegger, Andreas Jörg, Thomas Kramer (Group Project)

Integrating Silver Nanowire Tracks in SU8 Cantilevers
Cathelijn van Nisselroy (Semester Thesis)

Conducting Pdms/Pedot-Composites
Cedar Urwyler (Semester Thesis)

Automated 3D printing with the FluidFM
Stephan Ihle, Zhijian Pan (Group Project)

Focal molography - Investigation of the MAPL process for creation of molographic structures
Andreas Frutiger (Master Thesis)

Single Stranded DNA Quantification with Gold Nanoparticles in Cell Lysates
Anna Fomitcheva Khartchenko (Semester Thesis)

Parallel Fabrication of Nanohole Ultra-thin Film Gold Sensing Chips
Thomas Locher (Semester Thesis)

Soft High-Density Micro-Electrode Arrays with Porous Composite Electrode Coatings for Neural Stimulation
Samuel Lienemann (Master Thesis)

Soft Dry Composite Electrodes for Biopotential Recording
Jia Zhang (Semester Thesis)

Silver Nanowire based Piezoresistive Sensing in SU-8
Lukas Halter (Semester Thesis)

Microfabricated Soft Stretchable Multielectrode Arrays
Mouna Cerra Cheraka (Master Thesis)


Improving the FoRe Microarray for Whole Blood Analysis
Marco Habegger (Semester Thesis)

Suspended nanohole arrays for biosensing - Simulation and proof of concept fabrication
Andreas Frutiger (Semester Thesis)

Electrochemical Patterning of PEG Hydrogels on Gold Surfaces
Xueying Mao (Semester Thesis)

Characterization of Waveguide Grating Couplers and Bragg Grating Based Biosensors
Thomas Gartmann (Semester Thesis)

Entwurf und Optimierung von Resonator basierten Biosensoren
David Bischof (Master Thesis)

Smart Infrared Cage for Recharging Implantable Pulse Generators
Xinyue Yuan (Semester Project)

Biosensor Signal Amplification with Enzymes, Vesicles and Electrochemistry
Peter Hettegger (Master Thesis)

Plasmonic properties of thin gold films on niobium oxide
Michele Mazzariello (Semester Thesis)

Single cell RNA quantification with gold nanoparticles
Claude Lormeau (Semester Thesis)

Microwell arrays with inbuilt darkfield condensor for diagnostics
Jing Lin (Semester Thesis)

Non-contact imaging using the Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy on the Fluidic Force Microscope
Livie Dorwling-Carter (Master Thesis)

Stability Evaluation of Silver Nanowire-PDMS as Implant Material
Marco Schmidt (Semester Thesis)

Electrochemically Controlling the Enzymatic Degradation of PEG Hydrogels
Zsofia Pröhle (Semester Thesis)

Realizing small neuronal networks with controlled topology
Csaba Forró (Master Thesis)

Construction of precisely patterned neuronal networks by controlling cell adhesion
Eleanore Caitlin Young and Thomas Walti (Semester Project)

Single neural cells on mobile microplates for precise neural network assembly
Roland Schlatter (Semester Project)

Local chemical stimulation of neuronal cultures and its real-time analysis
Damian Berger (Semester Project)


An All PDMS Stretchable Electrode Array for Spinal Cord Stimulation
Hanna Janossy (Semester Project)

Transcutaneous recharging of implanted bateries in small animals: magnetic induction or infrared light?
Christoph Koch (Semester Project)

In vitro model of in vivo electrical stimulation of neurons
Livie Dorwling-Carter (Semester Project)

PDMS-compatible photolithography process for patterning silver nanowires towards stretchable applications
Mohammed Oluremi (Master Thesis)

Characterizing the relationship between fibrinogen desorption and cathodic current application
Robert Morhard (Semester Thesis)

Controlled patterning of neurons on different surfaces
Vanessa Hoop and Alexander Popert (Group Project)

Connect and guide - Designing neuronal networks with controlled directionality and topology
Gregor Schuhknecht (Research Project)

Platform for Triggered Surface-Mediated Drug Delivery to Paper Grown Neurons
Yoran Beldengrün (Semester Project)

GNP conductive films based on gold autometallography
Kristian Cugia (Semester Thesis)

Robust SPM Probe Tracking
Johann Wolf (Master Thesis)


Infrared-based wireless implantable electrical stimulator for chronic in vivo experiments in rodents and monkeys
Ruobo Peng (Semester Project)

Stretchable neurochip based on conductive PDMS
Nuha Suzaly (Master Thesis)

Optimizing the electro-mechanical properties of conductive PDMS based MEAs for long-term in vivo implantation
Samuel Eggenberger (Semester Project)

Electrode characterization and optimization for improved in-vivo electrical epidural stimulation and recording
Bertrand Pouymayou (Semester Project)

Colloidal Probes with FluidFM - Applied to the Biotin-Avidin System
Anh Minh Truong and Monika Graf (Semester Project)

Stretchable Metal / Carbon Nanotube Composite Device for Biosensing Applications
Laura Jenni (Semester Project)

Combined FEM and analytical method for the simulation and optimization of planar dielectric waveguide grating biosensors
Thomas Guillod (Semester Project)

In-fiber Interferometric Angle Measurement System for an Output Grating Coupler Type Biosensor
Luca Hirt (Master Thesis)

Platform for Surface-Mediated Drug Delivery: Adaptation for Improved Cell Attachment and Triggered Release from Liposomes to Living Cells
Alexander Tanno (Master Thesis)

FluidFM as scanning probe lithography tool for local electrostimulated polymerization
Maria Büchner (Semester Project)


Study of a polyelectrolyte multilayer based release system for spatial and temporal release control
Alexander Dochter (Master Thesis)

Mechanically Stimulated Dye Release from PEM-Embedded Liposomes
Luca Hirt (Semester Project)

Adapting a delivery platform for local and temporal release control
Nuria Rothfuchs (Semester Project)

Controlled Growing of Nanowires through an Adsorbed Layer of Gold Colloids
Jingyi Li (Semester Project)

Fatigue test machine for electro-mechanical characterization of implantable multi-electrode array
Mathias Aebersold (Semester Project)

Transcutaneous Signal Transmission for Epidural Stimulation
Gino Bolliger (Master Thesis)

Lipid nanotubes and cells
Marco Delai (Master thesis)

Electrical manipulation of lipid nanowires
Janick Stucki (semester thesis)

Planar lipid bilayer fabrication with freeze-thaw method
Manuel Schneider (semester thesis)

Calibrating flow through a FluidFM nanosyringe
Flurin Stauffer (Semester Thesis)

FluidFM: Investigating yeast stabilization and penetration
Aron Thor Hjartarson (Semester Thesis)

Live Imaging of Myoblast Fusion with Atomic Force Microscopy and Confocal Laser Scanning Microscopy
Liting Yu (Master Thesis)

Design Strategies Towards Electrochemically Triggered Release of Dyes to Cells
Alexander Tanno (Semester Thesis)

Electrical microcurrent to prevent conditioning film and bacterial adhesion to urological stents
Daniela Jukic (Semester project)


Gold-Nanopartikel als Marker: Eine Alternative zu Fluorophor-Markern in Protein Mikroarrays
Nurhak Dogan (Bachelor Thesis)

Microarrays Made Easy: Using Biofunctionalized Hydrogel Channels for Rapid Protein Microarray Production
Victoria de Lange (Master Thesis)

Optical Ion Channel Sensors
El Bakkali Issam (Semester Thesis)

Parallel optical and electrical monitoring of vesicle fusion and peptide pore formation
Marco Delai (Semester Thesis)

Development of a force-controlled patch-clamp setup
Dario Ossola (Master Thesis)

A New Design for 3D Loading of Cells Using Controlled Alginate Gelation
Philippe Schlink (Semester Thesis)

A Flavonoid Promotes the Formation of Long Neurites in the NG108-15 Cell Line
Nathalie Cuerq (Semester Thesis)


Transcutaneous Signal Transmission for Neural Stimulation Using Selective Inductive Coupling
Erdem Cam Siringil (Semester Project)

Nanowire Array Optical Biosensing
Corrado Fraschina (Master Thesis)

SkeletonFM: A custom low-cost AFM for FluidFM routines
Pablo Dörig (Master Thesis)

Nanowire Characterization for Biosensing and Bioelectronics
Davut Ibrahim Mahcicek (Master Thesis)

Reverse phase assays on a microfluidic bead-based microarray
Silvio Unternährer (Semester Thesis)

Multiple Spotting Techniques (MIST) and beyond
Elizabeth Huang (Semester Thesis)

Gold Nanoparticles as Labels in Planar Waveguide based Protein Microarrays
Diego Gabriel Dupouy (Summer Project)

Investigation of Lipid Composition for pH-Sensitive Liposomes
Francesco Albertini (Semester Thesis)

Protocols for Embedding Intact Vesicles into a Polyelectrolyte Multilayer
Tristan Petit (Semester Thesis)

Microstructured Poly(Vinyl Alcohol) Films Produced via Microtransfer Molding
Philipp Senn (Diploma Thesis)

In situ Electroporation into Adherent Chondrocytes: Possible Applications for Cartilage Repair
Claudio Schönenberger (Diploma Thesis)

Application of Mechanical Strain to Chondrocytes in 3D Culture
Max Gay (Master Thesis)

Optical Membrane Permeability Sensor

Georgios Batsios (Semester Thesis)

Mechanobiological Basis of Space Atrophy

Vinzenz Kögler (Semester Thesis)

Visualizing Changes in Cytoskeletal Dynamics in Response to Mechanical Stimulation

Pascal Odermatt (Semester Thesis)


Cell Adhesion and Growth on Eletronically Controlled ITO Electrodes
Alexandre Larmagnac (Master Thesis)

Sensitivity Investigation of Au Dot Arrays for Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Biosensor
Davut Ibrahim Mahcicek (Semester Thesis)

Nanogel Particles for Biosensing Applications
Cornelis Lütgebaucks (Bachelor Thesis)

Vesicle Immobilization usign Zr4+ Coordination Chemistry
Sebastian Bürgel (Semester  Thesis)

Highly Fluorescent Vesicles for Protein Microarray Applications
Shahida Syed (Master Thesis)

Glucose Sensing, Model Assessment
Denis Dhiver (Master Thesis)

Signal Enhancement in an Enzymatic Biosensor for the Electrochemical Detection of Antigens
David Joos (Semester Thesis)

Stretch Induced Cell Sheet Alignment
Radu Ilinca (Semester Thesis)

Modelling of Electron Transport in Self-Assembled Nanowires
Thomas Kathriner (Diploma Thesis)

Nano-Object Functionalization & Patterning
Christoph Kellenberger (Bachelor Thesis)

DNA-Assisted_Pattern_Reproduction - Phase 3
Ricardo Santos Roque (Semester Thesis)


Modelling pH at the micro-Electrode/Electrolyte Interface
Alexandre Larmagnac (Semester Thesis)

Spotting of Colloidal Particles
Philipp Senn (Semester Thesis)

DNA-Assisted_Pattern_Reproduction - Phase 2
Philip Wägli (Semester Thesis)

Microwells for Picoliter Assays and Membrane Protein Arrays
Philipp Studer (Masters Thesis)

Enzymatic Biosensors: Increasing Sensitivity for Early Cancer Detection
Victoria de Lange (4-month project)

DNA-tagged vesicles for protein microarray applications
Chia Huei Tan (Semester Thesis)

DNA-Assisted Pattern Reproduction
Denys Dhiver (Semester Thesis)

Manjunath Puttaswamy (Masters Thesis)

Fusion of Myoblasts
Norma Graf (Masters Thesis)

Alignment of Myoblasts
Maximilian Häberlin (Semester Thesis)

Characterization of Myogenesis under Simulated Microgravity
Esméé Joosten (Semester Thesis)

Combining Vesicles and Gold Colloids for Optical Sensing
Li Wei (Masters Thesis)

Development of a microfluidic system for bead-based microarrayapplicationsRaghuram Dhumpa (Masters Thesis)


Vesicle functionalization for specific antigen binding
Franziska Fleischli (Semester Thesis)

Exchange of Nano-Objects on Surfaces by using Photobleaching-Induced Patterning
Monika Limacher (Masters Thesis)

Mechanism of Photobleaching-induced Patterning
Nan Li (Semester Thesis)

Using photobleaching-induced patterning applied onto 3D-building of nano objects
Stefan Saladin (Semester Thesis)

Contractile forces of myoblasts on functionalized micro-plates
Raoul Enning (Semester Thesis)

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