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Here are some news about current and past events. For older entries, please check out the news archive.

Bye Volker, welcome Jonathan!

Sadly Dr.Volker Gatterdam's time in the lab touched to an end after 2 years of postdoctoral work on the Molography with us. Luckily, Dr. Jonathan Simonin is as motivated to follow up on his promising work! Welcome Jonathan and all the best to you Volker! We wait impatiently for your next visit in Zürich!

Bravo Greta!

Congratulations to Greta Thompson-Steckel for winning the Nature Materials Best Talk Prize at the BioEl2017 International Winterschool on Bioelectronics (Austria, March 2017). Well done!

Ski week-end!

As every year, the lab and its former alumni are invited to spend altogether a ski week-end in Taufers. In the program: 3 days of fun, ocsillating between skiing, snowboarding, apres-ski, games, 2 birthday celebrations (happy birthday Marco and Raphael!) and amazing food, drinks in the hotel we specially rent for this event. We already look very much forward to next year!

Surprise goodbye party

We could not have let our guest PhD student Xinnan Cui leave the group back to Japan without a proper goodbye party. So happy surprise crepe party to celebrate 8 months of collaboration and fun! We hope you enjoyed your stay and that your Swiss gifts will contribute in inciting you to coming back to see us in Zürich.

New PhD students

The lab is happy to announce the start of three new PhD members: Yves Blickenstorfer, Cathelijn van Nisselroy and Ines Lüchtefeld. Welcome in the group and we wish you lots of fun with your exciting PhD projects! (Fiber optic biosensing, 3D (bio)printing wth the FluidFM, and Neurons manipulation with the FluidFM respectively).

Merry Christmas!

As every year, the group members and their spouses could enjoy a fun and tasteful evening in a chalet in Bülach to celebrate Christmas by gathering around home-made Glühwein, swiss raclette and delicious desserts! Secret Santa also stopped by the chalet and made a lot of happy faces. Merry Christmas everyone!

Bravo Luca !

Luca Hirt defense
Congratulations Jedi Luca Hirt for your success in your PhD on Electrochemical deposition with the FluidFM that allowed you to become Master Jedi! With your high-tech engineered PhD spaceship, you are ready to go far far away! Good luck!

Congratulations Harald!

The LBB has a new Doctor: Dr. Harald Dermutz, who successfully defended his thesis on Patterned Neurons in a Dish: In The Seek Of Order. It was nice to see so many people, including alumni, joining the celebration of our Big Brain. All the best for the future Harald! Dont forget to pass by the lab to make us some icecreams with the fancy machine you received!

A fruitful summer for LBB

Congratulations also to Livie Dorwling-Carter for the Honourable Mention awarded for her poster on "Force-controlled electrophysiology: Achievements and optimization" presented at the 7th International Workshop on Cardiac Mechano-Electric Coupling and Arrhythmias (September 2016)

Bravo Vincent!

Congrats Vincent Martinez
Congratulations to Vincent Martinez who successfully defended his thesis on Piezoresistive and Microchanneled Probes Made of SU-8 Polymer. All the best for your very promising career!

Dumpling goodbye party !

goodbye dumpling
The LBB is sad to say goodbye to our guest professor Prof.Abraham Lee (UC Irvine) and his family heading back to the US and with who we share great memories during the 6 months of their stay with us. The nicely organized farewell dumpling party managed to put back happy smiles as well as the promise to go and visit Abe in California!

Two LBB patents part of the ETH Spark Award 2016!

Spark award
Congratulations to the inventors of the 2 patents filed by our group "Sub-micron 3D metal printing" (Janos Vörös, Tomaso Zambelli, Luca Daniele Hirt, Stephan Johannes Ihle) and "Stretchable nanocomposite with tunable electrical strain-response" (Janos Vörös, Flurin Stauffer, Vincent Romain Joseph Martinez, Csaba Forro, Klas Tybrandt, Alexandre Larmagnac) that got nominated respectively to be part of the Top 5 and Top 20 promising inventions in 2015 filed as a patent and were congratulated by ETH Zürich on March 2016 during the Spark Award! The winners, complete list and videos of the Top 20 filed inventions can be found on ETH Spark Award 2016 page

Traditional ski week-end in Taufers!

Whiskey tasting

At its last Friday Beer, the LBB additionally had the chance to taste different Whiskeys and vote for its favourite one. Thanks Alex for this initiative!

Dumpling party to celebrate the lunar year

MipTec Product Innovation Award for Dr.Simona!

Congratulations to Ectica Technologies for the Product Innovation Award 2015 at the MipTec conference. The new product "3DProSeed Well Plate" for automation-compatible hydrogels for 3D cell-based assays designed by Dr.Benjamin Simona and Dr.Vincent Milleret looks already very promising! Good continuation!

Brava Victoria!

The lab has a new doctor: Victoria De Lange who successfully defended her PhD on Reinventing Protein Microarrays: Multiplexed Analysis in Clinical. We wish you all the best for the future Victoria!

Congratulations Florian!

PhD mission successfully accomplished by Florian Kehl for his work on Theory, Development and Validation of a Novel Label-Free Waveguide Grating based Biosensor. Dr. Kehl is ready to take off for an amazing carreer! All the best Flo!

Happy Birthday Tomaso!

Traditional Tiramisu with Tomaso
Tomaso could not have made the lab happier to start this new week by bringing his traditional Tiramisu for his birthday. He made lots of smiling faces in the kitchen.

SOLA race

janos at the sola race
As each year, the LBB was among the 900 teams that participated to the SOLA race (a relay race in Zurich) this last May. To congratulate its 14 motivated runners, the whole lab celebrated the race with a nice barbecue afterwards.

Students meet the LBB

student meet alab
The LBB was happy to get in contact with the passionated mechanical and electrical engineering students of ETH, eager to learn and find semester/master projects in biosensing and bioelectronics. The "Student meets lab" event organized by the AMIV was a very promising platform to interact with motivated students for future projects. Do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to participate in our research activities! Maybe see you soon!

Another Award for LBB

Livie wins award
The LBB is proud to announce that Livie Dorwling-Carter won the Award for the Best Contribution for her poster at the 8th International Ascona Workshop on Cardiomyocyte Biology.

Bravo Pascal!

Congrats to Pascal
A high-tech PhD hat to congratulate the high-quality achievements of Pascal Behr for his PhD Thesis on FluidFM: Combining AFM with micro-fluidics for applications in lifesciences and multiparameter surface characterization. After a successful start-up created during your PhD, your very soon coming baby is most probably the best reward you could get! All the best to you Pascal!!

Congratulations Prayanka!

prayanka phd hat
The LBB is happy to celebrate the achievements of its new Doctor Prayanka Rajendran for her work on "Plasmonic nanoparticles with tailored attinebility for direct oligonucleotide sensing-Optimization & Application". Bravo Prayanka! All the best for your promising future career!

New LBB coffee machine

With so many exciting events happening these last months filled with many successful PhD defenses, the LBB got also excited by its new coffee, freshly milled from the group´s new coffee machine and now so hard to resist. An upgrade that will for sure keep the group excited for a while!

Traditional group ski week end in Taufers

Ski 2015
As every year, the lab and its alumni meet in Taufers for an amazing week end full of skiing, food, nice wine and beer, games and relaxing time altogether. What a nice opportunity to introduce our furthermost new comers to their first time skiing!

Bravo Benji!

benji phd
Congratulations to Benji for successfully defending his thesis on "Interfacial electrochemistry of blood coagulation factors: Fundamentals and applications". After such a nice PhD thesis, we cannot wait for the success of his start-up company! All the best to you Benji!

ETH Medal Award

Congratulations to Pablo Dörig who received the ETH Medal for his outstanding PhD thesis "Manipulating cells and colloids with FluidFM"!

Congratulations Bernd!

An amazing celebration for an amazing defense. Bravo to Bernd Dielacher who successfully defended his PhD on January 16th about "A Combined Electrical, Plasmonic and Fluidic Measurement System for Metal Nanostructure based Ion Sensing". We wish you all the best for your future career!

Bravo Juliane!

Congratulations to Juliane Junesch who successfully defended her PhD on "Novel Thin Film Nanohole Devices for Plasmonics Sensing Applications". Good luck for the future! The lab will definitely miss your always happy face.

New PhD students

The lab is happy to welcome two new PhD students: Hana Han and Stephanie Hwu.

AFM Biomed Conference 2014 in San Diego

Congratulations to Dario Ossola who won one of the 3 travel awards for young scientists offered by the Journal of Molecular Recognition based on the scientific quality of his results presented during the AFM BioMed Conference. The two other awards congratulated the work of Duckhoe Kim, Columbia University, New York, NY, USA and Alice Pyne, University College London, London, UK.

Congratulations Dario!

The LBB is happy to celebrate the achievements of Dario Ossola who successfully defended his PhD thesis on December 8th. All the best for the future Dario!

LBB Christmas Dinner

lbb xmas
As every year, the lab celebrated Christmas with an amazing raclette and Glühwein in Bülach. Santa Claus made a lot of happy faces. Thanks also to Alex and his team for organizing it.

Vasilis and Eleanora´s goodbye

vasileios lili
After respectively 9 and 6 months spent in our lab, Vasilis and Eleanora unfortunately had to go back to Greece and Italy. We celebrated one last time all together by enjoying nice Greek and Italian food. We also hope Vasilis liked our Greek singing performance. All the best to both of them!


The lab ended its last goup meeting of the year 2014 by going iceskating on the ETH Polyterasse.

Dumpling Party and Shiang-Chi's goodbye

After 6 month being guest in our group , Shiang-Chi is going back to Taiwan. We wish him all the best for his future!
For his good bye party he showed us how to prepare dumplings and also prepared other Taiwanese snacks for us. Thank you, it was delicious.

Bravo Raphael!

We congratulate Raphael Grüter to his PhD defense on “Surface patterning in liquid environment using the FluidFM technique”.

LBB group retreat to Locarno

This year's group retreat took place in Locarno, Ticino (Switzerland).
For the scientific part, we had nice presentations and good scientific discussions. For the social part we had great food from Ticino (polenta, sausage and cheese), went to the Maggia valley and did GoKart.

New PhD students

Greta Hazel Thompson Steckel started her PhD studies with us in September. She made her Master's degree at McGill university in Montreal, Canada and will be part of the "neuro team" at lbb.

Livie Dowrling Carter started her PhD studies in August. She will continue her work with the FuidFM, on which she already worked during her Master's project.

János Welcome Back

After 6 months in the USA at PennState university, we are happy to welcome Janos Vörös back to lbb!

Sangria tasting

Jason Cheng, who spent 6month at our lab for sabbatical, prepared "Californian sangria" for his good bye party.

Congratulations to Alexandre Larmagnac

Alex PhD
Congratulations to Alex, who successfully defended his thesis "Novel Neuroprosthetic Devices for Spinal Cord Stimulation" on June 18, 2014.

Material and Processes (MaP) Symposium

Also this year we have a winner at the MaP symposium (former MRC symposium):
Victoria won the 1st prize in the poster competition. Congratulation to her and her great poster!

SOLA 2014

On 17th May our team "Kaefli&Schnaepsli" succesfully participated in the SOLA Stafette. Congratulations to all the good and dedicated runners!

G-Therapeutics awarded as jury's favorite at PERL 2014 in Lausanne


The jury of the PERL 2014 prize had a crush on the project of G-Therapeutics to help paralyzed patients walk again and awarded them with 10'000 Swiss francs.

From left to right: Martino D'Esposito/Swiss Koo, Bernard Gander/SoftWing, Deborah Heintze/Lunaphore,
Hadi Barkat/Helvetiq et Alexandre Larmagnac/G-Therapeutics

G-Therapeutics is changing the world of Tomorrow


The start-up G-Therapeutics received the first prize of the Hello Tomorrow innovation challenge in Paris out of 1300 participants.

From left to right: Alexandre Larmagnac (LBB, ETHZ), Prof. Grégoire Courtine (EPFL), Dr. Vincent Delattre (actual CEO of G-Therapeutics), Dr. Marco Capogrosso (EPFL)

New LBB members

Livie Dorwling-Carter started her PhD studies in August.

Csaba Forro started his PhD studies in May 2014. He did his Master studies at EPFL and already did very successfully his Master's project at lbb.

Dr. Klas Tybrandt started in April 2014 as postdoc in our group. He is Swedish and received his PhD in Organic Electronics at Linköping University.

Serge Weydert joined the lbb in March 2014. After getting his master degree at the ETH he successfully started his own spin-off company ABILITY Switzerland AG.

In February 2014 Dr. Volker Gatterdam (German, chemist) will started at LBB as a Roche postdoctoral fellow.
In the same month Raphael Tiefenauer, a Swiss master student from the university of Basel, started his PhD.

Goodbye party of Satoshi Fujita

Dr Satoshi Fujita has spent one year at LBB

Goodbye party of Prof. Vörös

Janos Vörös will be be at the BioNEMS group of the Department of Engineering Science and Mechanics, Pennsylvania State University until end of July for his sabbatical.

G-Therapeutics awarded at Venture 2014

15.01.2014: Vincent Delattre (EPFL) and Alexandre Larmagnac from LBB co-founders of G-Therapeutics, which will aim at selling a novel therapy for paraplegic patients, received the best business idea award at the Venture 2014.
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